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Material Masters provides the installation of topsoil, mulch, aggregates and erosion control products like a silt sock or filter tube for both public and private clients in the state of New Jersey, the greater tristate area, and all along the east coast. Available for civil, municipal, residential, and commercial projects, our Material Masters blower truck will save you and your clients time and money streamlining their projects.

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Mulch & Soil

Mulch and soil installation is quick and easy using our state of the art equipment. Large jobs with difficult logistics such as green roof soil installations are no challenge with our powerful blower truck paired with an on-site conveyor system. A steady stream of material will remain flowing all day without disruption. For projects requiring erosion control, the blower can fill silt socks and erosion control blankets in record time to get your project back on schedule and exceed client expectations.
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In addition to traditional organic materials, we also have the ability to run many aggregates through our blower truck. From stone dust to river rock, we've got you covered with the same speed and efficiency as other lighter weight materials so you can free up crew and equipment for other tasks at the job site.
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Our experts use the material blowing system to tackle all manner of problems that require outside the box thinking. Steep slopes that traditional equipment struggle with can be handled with ease. Quickly seeding large areas for fast growth will help stabilize your soil quicker and get erosion under control faster than other labor-intensive techniques.
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Playground Services

East coast playground area specifically require very deep deposits of material to elevate the safety rating around equipment to soften the blow from a fall. With the ability to move large amount of material faster than any traditional method, these areas can be filled with certified playground mulch so they are up to code in no time.
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Efficiency & Cost Saving

Meet your Client’s deadlines by allowing us to handle the installation of your bulk materials. With mulch installation prices as low as $35/cubic yard, you’ll have the freedom to utilize your crews in more effective ways. Our capabilities allow us to achieve the installation up to 200 cubic yards a day. From sprawling office campuses, to scenic views from a rooftop or a down and dirty construction site, we are here to help you get the job completed Safely and Efficiently at a Cost Effective price point.

Our CAS Conveyor allows us to reload the truck on-site while it is still installing material. Not only maximizing efficiency, but also advantageous for job-sites with limited or tight access that may not have space to store materials during installation.

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Installed 700+ cubic yards of Green Roof Material

WWE Building – Stamford, Connecticut

Our CAS Slinger conveyor allows us to reload the truck on-site while it is still distributing material. This uninterrupted workflow allows for a volume of coverage that was previously unachievable by crews with the deepest rosters.


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